What next for Notes Collector?

Notes Collector is progressing for basic usage, both on iOS and on Android. (Beta testers still welcome, and appreciated.)

That said, Notes Collector was developed based on Timestamped Field Notes in order to migrate to more flexible internal infrastructure, to allow some experimentation on new features (without destabilizing TFN), and to more easily support more platforms (iOS, Android and Web.)

Here are some suggestions/requests I’ve heard from you over the years:

  • Allow an optional photograph to be added to a note item.
  • Allow an optional location (latitude / longitude) to be added to a note item.
  • Sharing an event (a set of notes) with other users, in real-time.
  • Create “icon/photo” based keyword buttons.

Please let me know your thoughts on the features / improvements you’d like to see for Notes Collector.


Notes Collector Early Access – Android and iOS

Notes Collector  is progressing, both as an iOS application and an Android application, with a companion Web Application.

I am looking for early access testers to review the applications and provide usability feedback. I’ve field tested them, but would like to hear feedback from others.

Please contact me at info@neukadye.com if you’d be interested in checking them out.

Notes Collector

The current Neukadye field applications do not fully synchronize the user’s data, they effectively “offload it”, backing it up to the cloud for safe keeping and future processing.

The assumption (way back when these apps were first designed) was you’d want to collect the data in the field, but then copy it off the device onto a “real computer” as quickly as possible. A lot has changed since then. Networks are better and more prevalent (even in the field), mobile devices are more like real computers, and some people only have mobile devices.

Notes Collector is a new app designed with these things in mind. It is a similar application (similar to Timestamped Field Notes) however it synchronizes its data between your devices (and the cloud) in all directions in realtime (when online.)

If you collect on your phone or tablet it’ll be available on all your devices, and available to computers via the cloud. You could even record notes from multiple devices at the same time, into the same event.

Some benefits of the new approach:

  • Start a set of notes on any device, and pick them up (or continue them) on any other.
  • Have your notes saved to the cloud in realtime, when online. (The application still works offline. Offline notes synchronize automatically when network connectivity is reestablished.)
  • Keyword Set and Keyword updates are automatically shared between devices.

I would welcome beta testers for the iOS version of Notes Collector. Please contact me if interested.

Do you have feedback on these beta releases?


The following applications are in the process of being beta tested before release. If you have interest in these applications; any issues and/or features, please download the beta application (via Test Flight) and provide feedback to info@neukadye.com :

If you need to sign up for Test Flight to get access to these beta applications please contact the above address.

Timestamped Field Data 2.0.1

Timestamped Field Data 2.0.1 is in beta testing, to be released shortly.

There are two feature improvements. You can now reorder the data items using “Edit” and then the “three lines” to drag to reorder. Additionally you can use “Manage” / “Configure Application” and scroll down to “Colors” to enable different color group sets.

The are also a number of bug fixes (primarily with export, apologies for how those slipped through beta testing.)

Application Shortcuts?

Application shortcuts allow navigation directly into the application, directly to given screens or functionality, saving time and taps when completing a task.

Maybe you’ve wanted to toggle between your last two events, or open the “last triangulation” (not start a new one.) I’d love to hear your ideas for shortcuts (before I implement some of my ideas.)

Let me know at info@neukadye.com, or via social mechanisms.